Tuesday 9 October 2012

Christmas Ornament DIY

UPDATE: Sept. 20th 2017. I hope you love this DIY, I'm still responding to comments on this post but please check out my most recent content too, just click the banner above to go to my most recent post!

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I'm so excited to share this fun DIY! It's really easy and amazing looking - let me know if you try it!

You will need:

Styrofoam ball
Clear faceted beads
Small sparkle beads
Wire cutters
Head pins
Glue (not shown)

Start from the very top of your ball, it will have an indentation. Slide a small bead and a big bead onto a headpin, chop off the end to leave a length of at least 2cm. You don't want it TOO long, as when you start covering your ball you'll find they bump into each other, but they need to be long enough to give a good grip.

Dip the end in glue and poke right into the ball. I worked in a flower formation to keep the coverage even. It took about two hours, while watching a cheesy Christmas film, to cover the whole bauble. It's pretty impossible to count the beads now they are all the ball, but I would say around 50 of each size for a 5cm bauble.

When the entire ball is covered, glue a piece of ribbon or ricrak to the top and hang from your tree with pride!

I used PVA glue, but if you have little ones I would recommend a stronger craft glue to keep the beads in place.

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Have a beautiful day,

Katie x


  1. What a great DIY! I am going to have to bookmark it so I can give it a try closer to Christmas!

  2. I can't seem to locate the tutorial.....is it moved? Thanks, Cheryl

  3. trying also but it keeps redirecting back to this page. We cannot get the instructions :(

  4. This isn't as easy at it looks. I bought the styrofoam in the the picture and the pins are impossible to get in. Even when I was able to get a pin in they would fall out when I added additional pins. It took me about 30 minutes just to get 6 pins in. Sure looks cute but I failed miserably.

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