Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Living Room Photo Wall & Prints

Now that I'm on my own, I decided that I would start putting some effort into my home, It was OK, but there were looks of little areas that I never got round to making look nice. I've tried to display some of my favourite photos around the room, as the white walls were getting to me a little.

My next plan is to paint a few of the smaller sections of wall in a warm grey. And then get a grey, cosy corner sofa with bright pink and mustard cushions. It's a serious goal of mine.

Over my dining table, which I was gifted by a friend who had bought a new one, along with 4 beautiful beech chairs, I have a clip frame with a big black and white photo of my little cherub. I always like to have a candle lit, it makes for a more cosy home.

My photo wall. I've been picking up frames whenever I find them at Poundland. I actually put off doing this for ages because I thought I didn't have enough photos, even after getting some new ones printed. I think it's quite of sad that photos now spend their lives on corrupted hard drives rather than being printed out and displayed. I also lost a lot of photos in the Great Coffee Spillage so I definitely want it to be a goal of mine that I get more hard copies. I filled the gaps I still had with scrapbook paper ready for when I get a good photo. I also used fabric to matt the photos that didn't fit the frames dimensions. I think it looks cute, and I can't wait to add more memories.

Tiny-things-displayed-on-photo frames is one of my favourite hipster looks. I found this little 'R' for Ramsey at a jumble sale and it looks sweet propped up on the frame of a painting that my grandmother gave me. (tip: I secure anything balanced on frames with bluetack to the wall, just in case I brush past and knock them!)

My absolute favourite thing in the room, an A0 (2ft x 3ft) print of a photo from Staples, printed like a blueprint. It was a total bargain at £1.99. You can get these at any Staples or printing shop that does Architectural Planning Prints. I emailed the photos first and then went down and picked them up. The print quality is surprisingly good, although you can probably see there are some more strongly coloured lines across his forehead and under his chin. I kind of love the lo-fi look. I've hung this over my television so that my sweet boys smile catches my eye whenever I watch TV. It's surrounded by one of my favourite bargains, a strong of lights in the shape of bunnies. Bought from a woman whose designed them, but had then got a new job somewhere fancy and wanted to get rid of them quick so gave them to his mum to sell at a bootsale. They came in a crazy kawaii box and collect the dust like nothing else in my house.
Sorry for the rubbish pictures, I'm without SD card slot (who knew laptops existed without them?) so relying on my phone at the moment. Normal service will resume shortly. I would love to hear how you display photos in your home, or see similar prints if you have tried the blueprint idea yourself :-)

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