Thursday, 4 September 2014

Wednesday Inspiration 1.0

September is one of the most difficult months in the year for me. I don't know if it is the onset of the longer nights, cooler days, lack of sunshine, rain or general nostalgia. A lot of my major life changes have happened in the back-to-school month and not all of them happy, I try to combat the September blues by looking around for stuff that inspires, motivates and lifts my heart...much needed on this deary old Wednesday.

1. This super-blunt advert

One of the very first and only adverts I've ever seen that actually sprung me into immediate action. I've signed up to donate my organs after I die. Whoever designed, I hope they are pleased with the effect their work is having.

2. People Doing Stuff

So many people that I know are doing amazing things right now! It's really inspiring to look around you and see people all around reaching for their dreams. I especially want to mention my lovely friend Mary Louise who has recently started a business selling pull-along wagons for kids & adults.

Check these fabulous contraptions out:

I imagine towing my son around pick-your-own fields, carrying our outdoor toys to the park, visiting local fairs with no complaining about tired legs....there are literally a hundred reasons why I want one. Have a look at their website here and follow Mary Louise and her fun business here on twitter.

3. This incredible DMT art by Alex Grey

 I've seen pictures like this before, in seed shops in Amsterdam, at festivals, in the odd persons home, but I never knew the workings behind them. This picture has resonated with me all week and I hope it will with you too. I'm looking to buy a large print and have it up in my bedroom to remind me that we are all connected to the universe in more ways than we will ever understand 

More of this guys awesome art is available on his website here.

4. Healthy Eating

These are from my instagram feed. What a cliche huh?

I mentioned a little while ago that I was going to try to be the healthiest of eaters this summer. I was low on energy, enthusiasm and dopamine just a few short months ago. Although right now my body is fighting off a bout of summer flu that's left me with a strangely satisfiying cough, I still feel super proud of my progress over August. I've managed to shed nearly a stone in weight (That will go straight back on when my winter cheese-eating habit kicks in) and I feel all round healthier and happier. I can't tell you enough how adding wheatgrass to my juice in the morning has made such an incredible difference to my vitality levels. You can buy a huge bag online for really cheap, it's worth it.

5. My Guy 

I can't help it, I'm just so proud of this handsome little fellow. He loves Minecraft, eating cakes, making jokes, skipping in the street, cuddles, squirrels, Transformers and loud music. There is nothing better to get you through a grey September day than those sweet eyes ♥ 

Hope you are having a lovely week. I have a great post on CV tips coming up at the weekend, please follow my blog to stay up-to-date :)


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How To Remove The White Borders on Images In Your Blogger Blog

Hey there:) The little fellow went back to school today and I am back at the computer, pimping myself out on and generally reacquainting myself with the internet after a few weeks of flu & summer holidays.

I still get daily comments on my 'How To Make A Perfect Circle Picture' blog post. Which surprises me really as Picmonkey now have an option to use a circle shape 'cut out' that does the job a treat. Still, I love getting comments and people reading my blog so I'm not complaining in the slightest.

One of the comments I get a lot is that readers have created their circle picture and added it to their blog, but Blogger seems to have added a white shadow border to the image. This is happening because the Blogger template that you are using has a piece of code written into it that overrides any other other options you may have selected. Luckily Blogger provides a handy little widget to insert new overriding code and that is what we are going to do.


From your Blogger dashboard, select the dropdown box with the little document icon for the blog you want to work on. Its the middle one here:

Select the 'Template' option.

Select 'Customise'


From the five options in white writing on the left-hand side of the screen, select 'Advanced' and when the selection box comes up to the right, scroll to the bottom of the options and select 'Add CSS'

Now, a large white box will appear. This is where you can enter any CSS or HTML code that you want to override all the other code in your blog. I'm going to copy the code from my personal blog template but I feel I should add a little disclaimer here in the spirit of honestly, I didn't write this code and I can't remember where I originally got it from - it's a generic code snippet available from many locations around the web.

Simply copy the code from the box below into the box in the template editor.


Click the orange 'Apply To Blog' button, then go load up a new page and check out your pictures, KA-POW! That annoying border all gone.

I was just sitting here thinking; "you know what, I should put an image as an example..." then I realised this whole page is full of example images, so I'll save some pixels and sign off there :)

Hope this helps, please do leave a comment it's really appreciated.

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