Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Indie Sermon With The Turner Brothers

Okay, so I'm seriously late writing this, in fact most of the day is a blur now I look back on it, but I wanted to show off some of the great photos we got of the band smashing it at St. Peter's Church, Sudbury last month.

I don't think I've attended a Turner Brothers gig where they showed up with the same band members yet, and this was no exception. That's Simon Parry on percussion, Dom standing in for Harry on the guitar and no drum kit or trombone at all - but they still rocked, not many bands could do that :)

The venue was a disused church in the very centre of the village. We spent most of our time inside rocking out to the various bands that were on the line-up, so I didn't get a shot of the outside, but it looks exactly like you would expect a small village church sitting in the centre of a forked high street would.

It was a bit of an odd day. There weren't a huge amount of people initially, I think the guys at Indie Sermon could have indicated to village visitors that there was something going on a little better, we didn't see any signs or anything coming into the high street and there was nothing other than some Portaloos crowding the main entrance to indicate anything was going on inside at all. I think they missed a trick there, as there were two beautiful wrought iron lampposts at either side of the door that would have looked great with some bunting or lights strung between them - I put this idea to the Indie Sermon organisers, so maybe next time :)

Some of The Turner Brothers and crew.

Great shots huh? Thanks to Jay for taking these on your phone, they rock!

We are heading to Portsmouth for Victorious festival this weekend, and excitement is building! If you are hitting the festival, be sure to catch The Turner Brothers opening Castle stage on Saturday morning at 11.25, and later on in the Mayfield Studios Real Ale Tent at 18.30, see you there!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Win 2 Tickets To Victorious Festival to see The Turner Brothers live!

The Turner Brother's biggest gig of the year is approaching and they are giving away two tickets to come along to Victorious Festival in Portsmouth on 29th August!

Check out the names that The Turner Brothers will be sharing a stage with!

If you want to enter to win the tickets and join the band for the festival as well as see some other great acts, it's pretty easy. Just share the below graphic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #theturnerbrothers.

Right click and chose 'Save Image' to save the file to a location on your computer. There's also a square version for Instagram...

Then pop along to the website,, and add your email address to the mailing list.

That's it, you are in the running. Competition closes on the 20th August and the winner will be contacted on 21st. The winner must be available to travel to Portsmouth on 29th August - travel isn't provided in the prize but there will be some extra Turner Brother goodies for the winners :) There's also a kids ticket available if the winner have a little one to bring.

I'm kind of excited about launching this competition, I designed the graphic myself and my festival besties are all in the crowd! I'm the one with the scraggy brown hair.

Good luck :) xx

Monday, 13 July 2015

New Music Release Day Change from Monday To Friday

So, now that I spend so much time following bands around, I try to keep more up to date with music industry news. I kind of fell out of the loop after I finished working on the radio, and have been playing catch-up ever since.

So when I heard rumblings on social media sites that the hashtag #newmusicmonday wasn't going to be as relevant anymore, I was quick to do my research. It turns out, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) have implemented a blanket global music release day, to combat piracy, increase record sales and help artists with their social media campaigns. That day is now Friday - it was previously Monday in the UK.

Some of the major radio stations have used #newmusicmonday as show fodder for years, it's one of the most popular hashtags on twitter.

I'm so interested from a social media position to see what effect this has on the online campaigns of some of the bands I like to follow. It won't change much for The Turner Brothers, until it comes time to release a new song. Although I am going to have to change the hashtags we use, #newmusicfriday doesn't have the same ring to it, it will be interesting to see what emerges.

In case you are interested, the official reasons for the change are:

  • Reducing music piracy by implementing release in different countries on the same day (highly controversial as a reason for the change in most of the things I have read. I would imagine that allowing bands to release their product when they wanted would be a better way to reduce the time their music is sitting around waiting to be released)
  • Allowing more cohesive social media campaigns relating to album and single release as the release day for each country will be the same. 
  • People are more likely to buy music on their pay day or over a weekend when they have more free time.
The decision is a culmination of 8 months of research and discussion. I have no idea what impact it will have on record industry sales. I'd love to hear from my social media friends who do projects related to the music industry whether they feel it is a positive change or not :)

On a slightly related note, The Turner Brothers are about to launch a competition to win tickets to see them at an exciting upcoming festival - I can't wait to see what response we get - this is the first time I have been involved in something this big - please follow @turnerbrosmusic on twitter, like them on Facebook or spy on the band through Instagram,

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Curious Yellow Weekend, The Gibberd Gardens with Sweetcornbread

I've been sitting here staring at a white box trying to work out how to start this post and to say everything I want to about the incredible weekend we had at The Curious Yellow.
Firstly, I didn't know if I would be going until late Friday afternoon, when a hurried trip for more tent pegs and a portable battery charger happened but we still weren't sure if there were enough tickets. 

However, after the usual conflicts about getting everything into the car, we packed everyone up and set off for the secret location, which turned out to be some of the most beautiful and cleverly arranged gardens I have ever experienced. 

We arrived just a the sun was setting, and pitched our tents in a little circle with some of the other band members and everyone else who had come along for the ride.

 There had been quite a secretive air about this festival, and I had no idea what to expect. I knew it would be a little larger than Rumbellion and probably a lot less commercial than Rhythms Of The World, but I had no idea just how far from reality I would be, and how  transformed I would feel afterwards.

The first night, there was the most incredible thunderstorm, lighting up the sky, the (way too dark, lights needed next time!) campsite and the beautiful sculptures for hours whilst pouring sheet rain onto our unprepared heads. We danced the night away in The Dome to psytrance and the sound of thunder overhead, then retired to a huge Bedouin tent, set up with blankets and airbeds where I managed to ignore the fear of a reveller standing on me and captured a few hours sleep.

And when I woke up....I had the most incredible morning. I have kind of gushed about this part of my weekend to everyone I have come across in the days following, so I'll try and keep it short.

 At 6am the sun rose through the trees and the gardens came to life. I managed to capture these photos on my phone of the sun filtering through trees surrounding a multi-leveled brook and the main pathway between the three arenas of the festival. There was noone about. I tried to rush back to campsite to rouse someone else to show these beautiful pools of light streaming through but I knew it wouldn't last long and I came back to drink up the full experience. I don't know why at this point it didn't occur to me to go and stand in one of the beams. I wish I had!

I went on a solitary walk around the gardens. The festival was held in three connected fields at the bottom of the site. Leading away from the main path, which wound past the brook and was lit by clear hanging bulbs at night, were lots of smaller, overgrown pathways between giant, tropical looking plants. I delved in, winding round and round a small freshwater spring (which kept us sustained through the hottest weekend of the year!) and coming across clearings with beautifully placed sculptures and artworks. My absolute favorite piece in the gardens was a pair of majestic columns and accompanying carved urns, set in a clearing and so totally unexpected. I wished there had been an opportunity to party under these Altantis like structures, maybe next year Curious Yellow? Turns out they are actually salvage from the old Coutts bank on the Strand, but I can dream, right?

The Saturday was one of the hottest days of my life, and even though we had prepared by freezing six 2 litre bottles of water, and I hate complaining about beautiful weather, there were a few times I felt I was boiling inside my skin and had to lie down under some cooling undergrowth.

We ate pizza and pancakes and egg and bacon rolls for the entire weekend. Big love to the Crew Salam people for providing us with sustenance from their pizza oven, and to The Love Shack for their never-ending supply of ice, rum and glitter...

The second night was incredible, listening to the band we came with, Sweetcornbread, smashing their set in the early evening and dancing all night to the other bands in the main arena, followed up with watching a way too short dragon staff fire display. My phone was dead at this point, and I think those sort of things are very hard to capture on a phone anyway, but take my word for it, it was pretty cool to watch.

I stayed up until 5.30, determined to catch the sunrise again and stand in those pools of light, but I crashed out in a corner with a pile of blankets and a huge smile instead, and woke up about 8 for another beautiful day on the site, spend riding bikes, bouncing on space hoppers and enjoying the sunshine.

A final highlight were the boys from The Consciousness Collective, who we met on the first morning when Tom bought round load of fruit, including avocados, fresh and cold, to wake everyone up with nutrients and friendship. They had a selection of other-worldly instruments, including a Mouth Harp, an Om Wand (my absolute next luxury purchase) and a stunning gong. I actually got to have a go on it, you can sit in front of the beautiful round plate and feel the most incredible vibrations rushing through your body, definitely something I want to experience again and again. I want to thank them for their welcoming attitude and their openness in letting us amateurs try out their instruments and giving me a new obsession. I have spent the last hour looking up giant gongs and wishing I owned one.

Overall, one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. I cannot thank the organisers enough for such a memorable weekend, enjoyed by all in our group and definitely to be repeated next year. Have a look on their website for more information about this festival, and follow them on facebook - We will be going next year for certain!!

Reality bites today!

Thanks to Zoe, Tasha and Jim for the photos in this post. I wish I had taken some nighttime ones to really show how feral everyone went, but I think it was probably best that my battery died instead ha!

I'm on the look out for more social media work, if you are a band or event organiser looking for write-ups or social media help, please get in touch via email, here.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Rhythms Of The World with The Turner Brothers

This weekend was all about Rhythms Of The World and the Turner Brothers...

I started the morning customising my Turner Brothers tee, I didn't like the high neckline in the photos from the last festival so I slashed it up and sewed on a sparkly bow from one of my Lucky Dip Club boxes and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks now, I'm planning to do a black one for the next gig, I'll try and do a little DIY on my blog.

Rhythms of the World is a two-day festival held annually in Hitchin. I absolutely love the ethos of the event, which is all about bringing together local people through music and the arts. There were so many great acts over the two days as well as a ridiculous array of beautiful food and fun activities for children and adults.

I didn't know what to expect from this festival. I knew it was going to be much bigger than the previous gigs I'd joined The Turner Brothers on and that they were playing on the BBC Introducing stage. I was still pretty surprised when we arrived at the site and finally got through the rather stringent security. I wish I'd taken a shot of the place later in the day because by late afternoon every spare patch of ground was filled with people dancing and having a great time!

You can tell from these photos that we were not as lucky with the weather as we were at Rumbellion!

One of my favourite things about these festivals is all the amazing food options. ROTW had pretty much ever food you could ever want, and I did my best to shovel as much into my mouth as possible.

The band were fantastic, I absolutely love seeing them live anyway, but they really rocked it. At the start there was a lot of rain and the field was looking a little bare but they the end there was a huge crowd going right up the hill and everyone was having a great time!

Can you spot me having a dance?

Here are a few of my very favourite shots from the boys performance, you can see a lot more on the Facebook page for the band as well as updates, gig dates and videos of their performances at this and other festivals.

And then we celebrated! If I had one criticism about ROTW, it would be that considering there was a £15 entrance fee, everything was very, very expensive. It was almost impossible to get food for under a fiver, even doughnuts were £4.50 for six. It makes it pretty expensive for families with more than one child to attend these kind of events which is a real shame because there was an incredible selection of food, music and stalls to enjoy. We hung about backstage for a bit...

This is actually the next VIP area to us. We pounced immediately on our snacks and water and left a trail of carnage behind. This seemed better for a photo!
And then we found a bar where they sold buckets of Pina Colada...well that was pretty much it for me after that :)

Next gig is a smaller one down in Suffolk, details here. Oh yeah...and that's Goatboy. He has his own Facebook page here. He likes festivals and rock climbing and going feral.

The day ended with a beautiful curry at Turner Towers washed down with some ice cold beer (Thank you Mrs. Turner!!) and I fell into bed extremely tired and happy, coated in glitter and Pina Colada...

I'm so super lucky to able to go along to these things, we really have a brilliant time at every single one 

Thank you also to my lovely boyfriend Jay for being the most amazing impromptu photographer for the band!!

(I'm looking to take on a a new social media client - if you are an individual or small business whose social media could do with a boost, get in touch for a chat, email me here)