Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Indie Sermon With The Turner Brothers

Okay, so I'm seriously late writing this, in fact most of the day is a blur now I look back on it, but I wanted to show off some of the great photos we got of the band smashing it at St. Peter's Church, Sudbury last month.

I don't think I've attended a Turner Brothers gig where they showed up with the same band members yet, and this was no exception. That's Simon Parry on percussion, Dom standing in for Harry on the guitar and no drum kit or trombone at all - but they still rocked, not many bands could do that :)

The venue was a disused church in the very centre of the village. We spent most of our time inside rocking out to the various bands that were on the line-up, so I didn't get a shot of the outside, but it looks exactly like you would expect a small village church sitting in the centre of a forked high street would.

It was a bit of an odd day. There weren't a huge amount of people initially, I think the guys at Indie Sermon could have indicated to village visitors that there was something going on a little better, we didn't see any signs or anything coming into the high street and there was nothing other than some Portaloos crowding the main entrance to indicate anything was going on inside at all. I think they missed a trick there, as there were two beautiful wrought iron lampposts at either side of the door that would have looked great with some bunting or lights strung between them - I put this idea to the Indie Sermon organisers, so maybe next time :)

Some of The Turner Brothers and crew.

Great shots huh? Thanks to Jay for taking these on your phone, they rock!

We are heading to Portsmouth for Victorious festival this weekend, and excitement is building! If you are hitting the festival, be sure to catch The Turner Brothers opening Castle stage on Saturday morning at 11.25, and later on in the Mayfield Studios Real Ale Tent at 18.30, see you there!

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