Sunday, 19 August 2012

Typography & Quotes

Some recent favourites I love...<3

This is the best quote ever.

 This kind of works for me.

I agree with this

Typography & sentiment - here

Monday, 13 August 2012

Cupcake Nails

I've seen some cute cupcake nails on Pintrest (follow my Nails board here)and wanted to give it a bash with the colours I have amassed recently.

What do you think? I think the very light pink background kind of makes it look funny, the blue makes it look like my nails are narrower and pointier than they are. Maybe a minty background next time?

I've had a few people notice and give compliments which is nice :-)

I hope you like them, they've been on for a week now...and the bottom of the cupcakes are looking pretty raggy. I really should take it off by I just think they are so fun <3

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tuesday Loves

I'm a little late with all the 'ape-ing' around I've been doing this week (I'll share some photos from my *monkey* business later in the week)

But here are some things that have rocked my socks this week on the web..

How did I not notice this? I think it might possibly have blown a small neural pathway when I spotted this on Pintrest this week...did *you* know about this?

This gal has just posted up some serious nail polish porn, I'm not even approaching this many polishes and I pretty much buy one a week (sale bin, obviously.)

I don't know where this is from, Pintrest seems to have changed everything so that original sources aren't linked...which is worrying. Everything seems to link to tumblrs with hundreds of pictures of naked girls. If you know who the designer of this is, I'd love for you to let me know so I can credit them :-) 

I didn't get a photo of it, but I had this cute mani yesterday. The tutorial by The Beauty Department (who also have a bunch of great hair tutorials, come on Brown Mop, GROW!) was super easy and I got loads of compliments on it.

Er...I think I need this in my life. I have a pink fluffy coat that I keep getting told I look like a five year old wearing, and I'm not sure this would help that image, but boy, do I want it. Just to stroke, really.

I hope you are having a fun week :-) And thank you for recent comments on my blog, I really love reading them and I always respond and visit your blog in return xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Silly Time Consuming Manicure

Yes I know, it's not really possible to do your nails like this everyday. But after my outline heart tutorial, I had a bit of wear on my tips a day later (I'd already worn the pink for two days before adding the heart) and chevrons are a fun way to jazz up a skanky old mani.

I tweeted this using the hashtag #companynailart because Company magazine is my fav and they have a nailart page they print every month - so that would be fin for me to be featured :-)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekend Outfit

 Weekends are the best because I get to turn off my alarm and sleep as long as my little man lets me. Which is usually a max of half an hour longer. But I like to see the glass half full.

We spent time with family, messing about and lounging around. This is my first outfit be kind!

Small Guy, I grew him in my belly. You can't buy gorgeousness like that.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Heart Accent Nail Tutorial

Hi there!

This week has been ridiculously busy at work and at home and I haven't had much time for anything much at all. So I was happy when I woke up on Saturday with time to take photos and paint my nails and eat too much cheese spread.

My little nubbin nails are so short right now, I took the plunge and squared them off but in order to have them all the same length I had to really go some. So they look a bit funny.

I used: NYC Expert Last Boundless Berry (205), NYC Expert Last Faithful Fuchsia, Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Foil. My top coat was Collection 2000 2 in 1 Top Coat and Gloss Enhancer.

This is my high tech, glamour-filled nail brush. It's a brush that I bought from the Warhammer shop during a brief stint of painting Warhammer guys. Don't ask. Ever. I used a pair of scissors to cut the extra bristles off and make it into a point.

I used the pink for a base coat. This is one of my favourite pinks.

So, I started by painting a rough outline of a heart on my nail, it doesn't matter if you can see brush strokes during this step because you won't see them later on.

I filled in the heart with the silver Barry M. It dries super quick, so it's a little bit gloopy after a second or two. You need to work quickly or your final result will be bumpy.

Finally, I used my brush to paint a smaller purple heart inside the silver one. See how most of the mistakes have been covered up? Add a few top coats if your heart is a little bumpy.

I'd love your comments on this tutorial. Was everything clear?

I also want to say that this isn't really my original idea. I've given my own spin to a tutorial that I saw on Nailside, my total favourite nail blog ever.

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