Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tuesday Loves

I'm a little late with all the 'ape-ing' around I've been doing this week (I'll share some photos from my *monkey* business later in the week)

But here are some things that have rocked my socks this week on the web..

How did I not notice this? I think it might possibly have blown a small neural pathway when I spotted this on Pintrest this week...did *you* know about this?

This gal has just posted up some serious nail polish porn, I'm not even approaching this many polishes and I pretty much buy one a week (sale bin, obviously.)

I don't know where this is from, Pintrest seems to have changed everything so that original sources aren't linked...which is worrying. Everything seems to link to tumblrs with hundreds of pictures of naked girls. If you know who the designer of this is, I'd love for you to let me know so I can credit them :-) 

I didn't get a photo of it, but I had this cute mani yesterday. The tutorial by The Beauty Department (who also have a bunch of great hair tutorials, come on Brown Mop, GROW!) was super easy and I got loads of compliments on it.

Er...I think I need this in my life. I have a pink fluffy coat that I keep getting told I look like a five year old wearing, and I'm not sure this would help that image, but boy, do I want it. Just to stroke, really.

I hope you are having a fun week :-) And thank you for recent comments on my blog, I really love reading them and I always respond and visit your blog in return xx

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