Sunday, 14 October 2012

This week...

This week has been pretty weird. I set up my new Linkedin profile and will be pitching for freelance social media work. I also started on a whole lot of home DIY projects that really needed doing. Things that haven't been done in a while, like cleaning the fridge, putting up net curtains that got taken down to wash so long ago that the wire has fallen out of the wall, hanging new pictures, stripping the hallway and hanging a new door.

I have plans this week too. That hallway is going to get painted (once I figure out how to strip the 80's chipboard wallpaper on the outer wall) and there is a wall in my living room screaming for a makeover  to put to use the bunch of pound-shop (dollar store ;-)) photo frames I've been hoarding.

Here are some of my favourite Instagram photos of the can follow me on Instagram, my username is @katyclouds.

Left to right, top to bottom: cheap blueprint copies of favourite smiley photos // sewing net curtain remnants together to make one big enough for my kitchen window // making bread because it's cheaper than buying it (turned out yucky though) // the DIY store for chain for my next halloween wreath DIY // washing stinky bedtime teddies // homework is getting harder // our new favourite game round here is Octonauts snap // stripping wallpaper // visiting horses

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