Thursday, 9 May 2013

Catching Up & Job Hunting 101

Yesterday I went on a really long walk along a disused railway line in our town.

That little black splodge in the distance is my doggie, she loves a random trek.

Can you spot her in this shot of me looking pensive and dramatic? She's a cheeky one!

I've been loving the radio station this week, listening to some amazing new music and getting involved in some of the outside broadcast stuff that we are planning this year.

It would probably help if I could work the equipment, I'm still a learner though :)

Just a few little shots of my life the last few days 

I'm spending time looking for a new work project at the moment - gosh it's hard. I have experience in recruitment, obviously, so I get how it works. If you don't hear within 24 hours you haven't got the role, if your interview is less than an hour you probably haven't got it, don't put that you are dynamic on your CV etc etc....

So I thought it would be fun to chart my search for the perfect job here on the blog as well as sharing some of the recruitment worlds inside secrets (cue terror in the recruitment world, I'm sure). Tomorrow I'll be sharing ten CV tips that you have probably never heard, I hope you'll come back for a look x


  1. I had the task of recruiting my replacement in my last job and for the love of God people, don't wear perfume or aftershave to an interview! I really didn't like what most people smelled like and it put me off the questions if it was particularly overpoweing. The final decision was left t my boss and guess what, the one girl who didn't come Chanel-ed up got the job.

    1. Gosh! I have a feeling I may have been guilty of this in my last interview (I didn't get the job either!)


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