Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Festival Fancy Dress - Cosmic Space Explorer Inspiration for Hogsozzle 2016

Hogsozzle kicks off in two weeks time and we are getting pretty excited :) The Turner Brothers are playing on the Friay night and all our plans are swinging into action! Today I want to share some inspiration, links and fabulous festival fancy dress wear from around the web for my own costume, which is going to have a seriously cosmic theme. My Childhood Dreams (read more about the theme on the HogBlog here) had me imagining other worlds, creating imaginary alien friends and  dreaming of distant galaxies. I try to be as cosmic as possible in my adult life...

When I started gathering inspiration, I knew I was going to go with a silver/purple dress from Tickled Pink...I don't want to spoil my big reveal so I'm not going to show the full get-up here, but I did share a little hint picture over on Instagram so I don't see the harm in posting that here also...

The first thing I came across when I started looking up cosmic clothing creations was the Valentino  Fall 2015 line. I do not condone wearing £7,800 coats to muddy festivals, but a gal can dream, right? I'm not ashamed to admit that while I don't currently have the funds for couture, I'd probably sell a minor, slightly disapproving distant relative for that galaxy gown.

You can see my little awkward face at the top, half covered with galactic facepaint at a recent night in Watford. I will boldy go where many have gone before, according to Pinterest, and slather my face with as much cosmicness as possible!

All of the original sources for these make-up looks are available here 

I also knew from the outset that I was going to want wings. Light up, easy to carry, look super-cosmic glittery festival wings. I'm really hoping to be able to make them myself in the next week or so and perhaps even share my method here. I'm kind of aware I'll need wire, some way to attach them to my person and a hell of a lot of sequins and glitter but I've never taken on a big fancy-dress DIY project before so I'm determined to get it right. Watch this space! Here are a couple I will be taking inspiration from around the web...

This DIY by Lauren Conrad is for angel wings, but I like the construction and I think they would hold LED's well.I have to think about fitting them into my friends car too, so these small ones would probably be stellar!

These 'Isis' wings are all over the festival scene,  this is the best DIY I could find on adding lights to the simple design. Image from here.

I think I could easily knock up something like this, with some lights along the arms and maybe a little deeper.

And if I can't have hair like this because I once over-ombred my poor straw-like locks...

...I'll probably go for one of these perfect-looking, no-commitment wigs from Tickled Pink:

I can't wait to show you my full outfit and the rest of our groups Childhood Dreams fancy dress after Hogsozzle - ten days to go!

Katy x

p.s. Just a little space joke I found whilst researching this post :)

"How do you throw a space party?"


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