Friday, 3 June 2016

Epic Festival Fancy Dress At Hogsozzle

One week ago we were shoving the last camping stuff into bags and the first gin into our mouths and setting off over the hills and far away...

I've been posting a lot about fancy dress options in the run up to our first festival of the season. I shared posts about mermaids, pirates and cosmic space explorers as well as lots of extra festival dress-up inspiration, but now I want to share a huge raft of awesomeness - because I've never seen a field filled with such amazing, well-crafted, hilarious fancy dress.I'm a very lucky ducky too, because I happen to have a friend whose secret talent seems to be getting candid shots of people, perfectly framed, and I'm really excited to share these today on the blog. As he went round the festival, he made it clear he was taking photos for a blog, but if you spot yourself here and aren't happy with being featured, I would snatch your photo down quicker than you can say 'hog roast' Drop me an email here.

First of all though - what did I wear?

I was lucky enough to be gifted a costume from fancy dress experts, Tickled Pink. I chose a super cosmic, shiny, silver, crazy-shouldered, Mrs Jetson number from their huge range, and added my own silver flower crown to festivalise it further...

Was the purple lipstick a good idea? Perhaps it was a step too far, but I felt pretty awesome in my shiny garbs  I can't wait for an opportunity to wear it again :)

The theme, Childhood Dreams,was interpreted in so many ways - there was modern and retro children's television and book characters (why didn't I get a photo of the Teletubbies that we partied with late into the night?), animals crafted from onesies and papier mache, incredible full body paint jobs and full body costumes. There were astronauts with light-up spacesuits, floaty fairies and some downright bizarre ideas - see if you can spot the mushroom people and the man whose childhood dream was obviously to have his wanger hanging out in public :) Some people had really gone the extra mile, check out Mr. Thunderbird further down, who carried his rocket ship round the whole time.  I'd love to know who YOU would award 1st prize in the fancy dress competition to, leave a comment below!

Three weeks until we hit the road again for Curious Yellow - I'll be sharing some unmissable acts and a cute t-shirt DIY before then, as well as my top music and food picks for Bluedot Festival later in the summer. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and if you are holding an event that you would like covered here, please get in touch via email - click here :)

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