Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cocktails vs. Sundaes

Weekends are for small guys and drinks with friends and cocktails and slobbing and recovering and playing and bat walks.

Tonight we are going on a bat walk along a local nature walk, where we should see some bats. To be honest, I'm more a cocktail kind of girl.

Here's a cocktail that I received after making a stink about never having had a cocktail in a triangle glass. Only to be told firmly that I had in fact has one the previous week. I don't know what was in it, but it was pretty yum :-)

I was out celebrating a friends birthday, I should have some photos of that soon.

Saturday my little guy had a party to go to, and as I went to collect him, from just round the corner, I came across this bizarre sight;

Who abandons a single shoe? Why have three people abandoned individual shoes here? Is this some sort of bizarre shoe graveyard that I don't know about?

Today we went to the Harvester and my little guy had a sundae. I would have rather had a large cocktail but I suppose if I can't have that, a sundae will do.

Hope your weekend is full of smiley guys eating sundaes too.


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