Monday, 21 May 2012

Navy & White Heart Nails

 Hi :-)

I have a fun nail tutorial to share today. Apologies for the slightly scabby hand in the first picture, I fell off a wall after jumping up there to avoid an out-of-control bicycle.

You can see here that my nails are actually in quite bad condition. How embarrassing. 

I use a simple clear polish as a base coat, as I resent paying 5 quid for a clear polish labelled as a 'base coat'. I'm sure there are some benefits of buying the real thing, but I find my polish lasts 4-5 days without chipping using this method, by which time I'm board and want to change it up anyway. 

 This navy colour is 114 by NYC 'Ink Stain' it has just the right amount of shimmer. I'm going to be wearing it with alternate matt navy stripes when I go back to work.
Put a blob of white out on an old piece of plastic packaging, or a plate. Dip the head end of a pin into it and make two adjacent blobs. Use the end of the pin to drag a little of the white down into a heart shape. Fill in with another blob of paint. Super-easy, but needs a steady hand.

 Set out a blob of clear polish. Use a pin to put a tiny speck right next to the heart. Use the still-tacky pin to pick up a tiny gem (mine are Anitas Craft Gems in 0.3mm, but special nail gems might be less bumpy) and press it onto the speck.

Finish off by painting two coats of clear polish over the whole thing, including the gem.

I hope you like this, please leave a comment if you do :-)

I also made this little collage today, so I could add my nail tute to Pintrest. I'm becoming a serious Pintrest addict.

Have a lovely day. Later this week I'll be posting a DIY on turning an ankle-swinging frumpy maxi-dress into a thigh-skimming sexy minidress.


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