Monday, 18 June 2012

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I can't stop spending all my free time on Pintrest. Seriously, it's becoming a concern the amount of late nights I have spent sitting up, scrolling down and pinning. I have now got to the point where I am able to successfully view hundreds of things on Pintrest whilst also performing another activity, such as talking on the phone, eating my dinner, watching a film, driving. Okay maybe not the last one. I don't even drive.

Here are some of my favourite DIY's that I have seen this week. You can follow my DIY board here :-)

This is a necklace by Rebekah, isn't it just the most awesome thing you have seen? I don't think I am actually going to have the patience, or in fact, time, to sit and string that many beads. I'm the sort who spills them all on my lap, decides to leave them there instead of picking them out of my thighs, then forgets and stands up. So I try to avoid beading projects with lots of teeny pieces, but seriously love the Aztec vibe of this necklace and her super easy tutorial.

When I was younger I loved making friendship bracelets, I would stick to the basics though, knots and plaits. I don't think I was ever able to make something like this, from La Manufacture but I'm really tempted to dig out my embroidery thread and give it a bash. Don't you think summer is the best time to wear bracelets?

I wanted to show you some other DIY's but the links on Pintrest are telling me they go to spam. This makes me really sad, as the lacey shorts that I love now won't be adorning my backside until I can track down the right link. Anyway, happy pinning, and don't forget about my twitter e-course, links to day 1, Followers and day 2, Content, are below.

Have a great day x

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