Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bonfires and sweet boys

We had a little bonfire this evening to get rid of some garden waste, and it was the first time that a certain sweet guy has seen a big fire up close. He was fascinated. I should add that I did ensure he was a good few feet away from the fire at all times. I'm kinda scared of bonfires anyway, my amusing fire of choice is fireworks, for which the season is nearly upon us, yay!

I snapped these two photos, sorry to be such an Instagram slut, I promise better photography very soon, I just need to sort some batteries that don't die within 5 seconds.

So serious <3

Our 'garden' is really a concrete slab down some steps and up an overgrown path. It's pretty good for bonfires and letting the dog pee, but pretty awful for anything else. I am desperate to move, and seeing lots of bloggers making house moves recently has got me in the mood! I'm going to spend the winter fixing up our little flat - we are in urgent need of a bunch of new doors as the ones that came with the house have all got panels and handles missing. It's getting me down. I'm going to start on one room and work my way through the house. I fully blame Pintrest for this sudden nesting instinct.

You could have a look at my Home Inspiration board here.

When I went to get the link, I had a quick scroll over my pins, and I clearly have a thing for fantasy bedrooms. Right now, my bedroom has the worlds most uncomfortable mattress, a bright green carpet that we 'borrowed' at the end of an exhibition, but that isn't actually fitted, just cut around the furniture, two broken and overflowing laundry baskets and a TV that I am pretty sure was manufactured around the time television was invented. Seriously, the back extends so much that I'm pretty sure it's longer than it is wide.

So that all needs sorting.

I'm dreaming of pale grey walls, a soft mattress, a fitted carpet and sweet dreams under a four poster bed

Please swing by tomorrow, when I'll be sharing a new tutorial :-)

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