Friday 21 September 2012

Ombre French Manicure Tutorial How-To

A month or so back I posted this picture of an Ombre French Manicure that I tried.It's proved quite popular on Pintrest...(follow me here) I thought as I have suddenly found myself with much less to do in the day that I'd post a tutorial - I hope you like! As I have said before I love love love reading comments, whether complimentary or constructively critical. (I can take it. I'll only cry into my coffee for like, 2 days)


Supplies: Make-up sponge, French Manicure Pink by Collection 2000, White by NYC.

Paint one very thin coat of pink over bare nails. French Manicure pink is usually very, very thin and it's easy to get streaky. Try and get as even a coat as you can!

 Blob two short lines of nail polish onto a plastic base. I've used a small storage box lid. Be careful, because nail polish can melt some things with shiny, laminated coatings and will pick up a lot of it's colour. I found this out when I tried to use a sweet wrapper. 

Using a pin or earring or old fork tine, mix the two colours where they meet. The more you mix, the better gradient effect you will have.

 Press a small, dense sponge down on the polish. You need to move quickly here because the polish will dry and go tacky. Push down gently a few times to encourage the sponge to pick up all the polish.

Press the sponge down on your nail. Try to cover 2/3's of the nail. You might need a few extra dabs on the sides. Don't worry if you get some on your skin, because you can always clean up after with nail polish remover and a small brush.

Looks pretty messy huh? Don't worry! Where you see a stronger line that doesn't seem gradienty enough (I totally made up a word) you can dab your sponge lightly over the area to increase the blend effect.


Next, dip your sponge in the remainder of the white polish and dab carefully over the tops of your nails. This will give you the pure white - to - pure pink look.

Immediately paint another very thin layer of the pink over the whole effect. 

And you are done! I think I could have done with a few more dabs of white but overall I'm really happy with my nails right no, it only takes a little while, because you can paint each new layer straight away!

I'm off to the adventure playground now to play pirates with a small noisy fellow. I hope your Friday is just as fun. x

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