Sunday, 16 September 2012

Katy Clouds Rainy Clouds Nail Tutorial

Yay! I've been thinking about this for a little while. I'm so happy with how cute this turned out!

I hope you like it, please feel free to comment, I always reply and visit commenter's blogs in return :-)

I used Barry M Nail Paint in Gray, NYC in White and a clear topcoat from Collection 2000. The gems I used were by Anita from the craft shop. I kind of umm-ed and arr-ed about buying them because they were 3.99 but the pack has lasted ages and I've used them for everything from nails to Christmas cards :-)

Start with a deep gray base coat. I love this grey on it's own, it's subtle and great for work, I prefer greys with blue undertones rather than taupe.
After the gray is dry, wipe all the excess paint from the White brush off on the side of the bottle, but leave the heavy blob that always hangs on the very end. I use this as a large dotting tool. Make a big white dot in the centre of your nail.
Make two more blobs on each side of your first spot. I flesh the blobs out with a few more dabs. You might need to reload the brush.
Two more large dots with the brush will form the cloud shape. You can dab a few more blobs if you want a puffier cloud.
On some of my nails I did a little extra puff to mix it up a bit. Same technique. You need to leave a big gray space though, for your raindrops at the end.

Repeat on all your nails. I found this quite hard using my left hand but steadying my arm with my elbow really helped. I never photograph my right hand!!

Use a pin or end of a paperclip to make a teeny spot of clear polish under one of your clouds. You can use the still-tacky end of whatever tool you use here to pick up a gem and stick it firmly in place on your nail. Don't worry about getting clear polish on the gem - you'll be painting over the whole thing with a top coat in a second anyway. I positioned my gems under all my clouds and used two on my thumb.
 I feel I should aplogise for the quality of these photos, my camera seems to be on it's very last legs *sadface*
I'll try and get some better pics tomorrow - have a great rest of your Sunday! x

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