Friday, 30 November 2012

Recent SEO & Blogging Articles - A Catch Up

You may have noticed I went on an unexplained hiatus. Two major life events happened at the same time. The second, spilling coffee onto the open and turned on keyboard of my brand new ultrabook laptop, was a pretty damning reason not to be able to be able to blog.

I have been distraught. So much so that a lovely friend has lent me her laptop. And I love her even though she has set up her cursor in the shape of a ballpoint pen and has about 97 toolbars installed.

Regardless of these minor issues, I would like to resume writing here. So I thought a good way to start myself off would be with a sum up of recent posts on SEO and blogging matters. As always, I welcome you comments and constructive critisism, and you can talk to me on twitter, instagram (@katyclouds) or via email. You can also follow my boards on Pinterest.


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