Friday, 7 December 2012


Hi there!

I just wanted to pop by and share some things that I love this week ♥

It's a beautiful crisp cold day today look at this lovely sky!

I haven't used a filter on this - just beautiful :-)

This lovely post by one of my favourite bloggers about creating memories and traditions for little ones at Christmas. I want Ramsey to have lovely Christmases to look back on, which basically means that I must immediately pull my finger out and start getting festive. And stop eating all the Christmas biscuits.

Cocktails made with Malibu are my favourite, and a cheeky Friday afternoon drink (or two) always goes down nicely. It's nice having time to myself now my little one is with his dad every other weekend. I miss him, but I know we are doing the best that we can for that sweet little guy.
I actually think I won't be able to carry on with my life if I don't get my hands on these unicorn shoes. I would literally wear them everywhere. Including in the bath. Because they are the most amazing shoes ever and I need them. And they are on sale on Modcloth too. You hear that Santa?!
Have a lovely weekend x

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