Monday, 28 January 2013

Birthday Wishlist

February is my birthday month! It's just far enough away from Christmas that I feel justified in writing a wishlist...

1. Polaroid Z2300 from Photojojo

2. 'K' Jumper from Topshop 

3. Hello Disco Bootie from Modcloth 

4. Skullcandy DB Hesh Headphones from Amazon 

5. Notting Hill Gate Crystal Cap Nail Polish from Nails Inc 

6. Babliss Thermo Rollers from Argos 

I'm working super hard this week writing an e-course for job seekers who want to utilise social media. Right now the whole thing is way too long as I kind of sat down and just spilled my recruitment and social media guts all over the page. I'll be launching that, along with 50 ways you can use social media in your job search, hopefully next week.

Happy Monday!  

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