Saturday, 16 February 2013

For Lent, I'm Giving Up Complaining

Traditionally, Lent is the period between Ash Wednesday (the day after Pancake Day in the UK) and Easter. Christians are encouraged to live more frugally, giving up life's luxuries for a 40 day period. Sometimes people give up something specific. It usually has a food theme.

I can't give up any sort of food because I have terrible willpower with chocolate, sweets, cheese, pasta, chips, fried cheese sandwiches (oh gosh those are my new favourite) and pretty much anything bad for me!

So I decided to try and change something that I really *want* to change. I've decided to give up complaining.

I've always been a bit of a complainer. I once won an award during a residential school trip for being the most likely to say 'It's Not Fair'. I am the person standing behind you in the queue huffing and tutting and tapping my foot. I'm the person who complains to the waitress if there is margerine and not butter in my sandwich. My nickname for the last year of secondary school was Stroppy Pants...

So in view of trying to lead a more positive life, I am trying with all of my might to give up complaining for Lent. That is 40 days of trying to say "Let's try it this way" instead of "This isn't working". Of saying "I'll give that a go" instead of "I don't want to, I'm tired". Of keeping uncharitable thoughts like, "why hell is it taking you 7 trys to put your pin number in at the cash machine?" to myself. Of finding the positive to shout about rather than radiating annoyance in my daily life.

I'll let you know how I get on. I want to be accountable for this goal, and I know posting it here and putting this out in the world will mean I feel less like giving up and having a good old moan. Are you trying to give anything up at the moment?

I'm very excited to share the first 9 days of my "29 Days Of Mum & Boy" tomorrow. You can follow my little project on Instagram, I'm @katyclouds & using the hashtag #katyandroo.

Just a note to say that I will be down in the South West for three days next week, so if you normally tune into the Yummy Mummy Mix in the mornings, you won't be hearing my voice down your earholes for the first half of the week! I'll be back on Thursday. Don't forget you can listen to the show through our website by clicking here, or downloading the free Tune In app for your smartphone and searching for Radio Dacorum :-)

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