Sunday, 17 February 2013

29 Days Of Mum and Boy - First 9 Days

I am currently 10 days into the "29 Pictures Of Mum and Boy" photo project that I started on my birthday. I'm so excited to share this first batch of 9 pictures. It's already become a fun part of our day and having these images to cherish always is really something special for me.

The full colour versions can be seen on my instagram feed, or using the hashtag #katyandroo. I have some vague plans of printing all the photos out and doing something with them, but I'm not sure what yet. I think my favourite is the very top left one, those silly faces are a scream and Roo just loves the picture too! As you can see, I've cheated a teensy bit and not got my actual face in some of the shots, there are some days when I just don't like being in front of the camera. I think that is why previous attempts at 365 projects have failed. I would like to think that I could continue this one until maybe his birthday in October? But I'm an instant gratification kind of girl and I'm already itching to have the completed batch of photos so I'll have to see.

 We've just been to the park (where I took today's photo!), to see some friends and then to the supermarket where I picked up all the ingrediants for a delicious roast dinner. Have you ever tried a roast dinner sandwich? It's the best kind of sandwich ever. I'm kind of sort of more looking forward to that later on tonight than I am the actual dinner!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend too. Tomorrow we are off to the West Country for lots of doorknob fondling and child-spoiling down at my parents house. They have WiFi and go to bed extremely early so I plan to use the evenings to line up some Social Media School posts. Click here to visit my previous Social Media School posts :-)

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