Monday, 25 February 2013

Get Rid Of Negative Influences In Your Life

Happy Monday!

It's a fact that negativity is bad for you. You know that person that always complains about everything? The tweeter who never has anything nice to say? The blogger that has only bad things to say about their life? Do you like reading those things? I don't.

I don't expect life to full of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. I know that crappy things happen and will continue to happen. But this year I have chosen to try and focus on the positives. I've given up complaining for Lent. I've tried to focus on me and my son more, and not be selfish with my time or resources.

Here are some ways that you can remove negative influences in your life.

Double Check Yourself

Although I have always tried to steer clear of posting complaints online, more and more recently I have found little comments about other people or my personal situation slipping in. The old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" applies strongly when it comes to the Internet. Once you get the hang of not being snarky online, it's easy to translate into your Actual Real Life. If I hear myself start to complain about someone, I check myself. I'm a strong believer that the more negative stuff you put out there, the more will come back to you. Don't be caught out having a bitch, just keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. Chances are, you'll feel differently in a while.

This is harder than it sounds. I used to read a popular blog online, but I've found myself getting more and more irritated with the content. I starting writing out a comment on the blog, saying how disappointed I was that what used to be a favourite read of mine had turned into a relatively shallow and dull shadow of itself. Just before clicking send I though "Why on earth don't I just stop reading it?"  Issue solved.

Some 'friends' drag you down.

I've taken a long look at my life and the people that I share it with. I have some people in my world who don't offer anything but negativity. It hurts, but they have to go. I don't want these people sapping my positive energy anymore. I have friends that have problems, of course, but when someone ONLY offers you negativity, are they really worth having in your life?

Do something positive every day

This is a new thing for me. I realised that some days I literally do nothing. I'll vaguely tidy my house. I might play a game with my son. I'll probably have a glass of wine. But nothing has been achieved. Nothing has changed for the better, and I think that means the day has been a bit of a waste. My aim for this year is to make each day count. I know it sounds cheesy, but if I haven't achieved something by this time in 365 days, what exactly was the point of me this year?

I kind of utilised this the other day. I was sitting in my dressing gown at 3 in the afternoon, and I suddenly though, I need to do something productive today or I'll go mad. So I looked over my list of goals and picked one that was easy to achieve. I cleaned out the cupboard under my sink. It took less than 10 minutes. But every time I open that cupboard I get a little rush of satisfaction - I achieved a goal, made a tiny difference to my daily life.

I hope I have inspired you to make your life a little more positive today! This is one of my favourite blog series and I love the easy suggestions for doing something positive - I found her on Hellocotton. Are you a member over there? Why not add me?

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