Tuesday, 26 May 2015


When did you last hear the word COSMIC?

If you are one of my friends, or in fact have met me in the last few weeks, you may have heard it from me. I've started a little project to try and get COSMIC said a little more. It's a great word.

So, #bringbackcosmic is a thing now. Well, I'm trying to make it a thing. So far, I've asked everyone I have met in the last week to try and find an opportunity to use it and spread the word!

You might hear some especially cosmic music, see a particularly cosmic film, or even be standing under the night sky and suddenly feel a little cosmic. If you see an opportunity to  describe something as cosmic, please use it, and let me know using the hashtag #bringbackcosmic on Instagram or twitter 

Saw these two at a festival recently and told them both they were extremely COSMIC.

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