Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Rhythms Of The World with The Turner Brothers

This weekend was all about Rhythms Of The World and the Turner Brothers...

I started the morning customising my Turner Brothers tee, I didn't like the high neckline in the photos from the last festival so I slashed it up and sewed on a sparkly bow from one of my Lucky Dip Club boxes and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks now, I'm planning to do a black one for the next gig, I'll try and do a little DIY on my blog.

Rhythms of the World is a two-day festival held annually in Hitchin. I absolutely love the ethos of the event, which is all about bringing together local people through music and the arts. There were so many great acts over the two days as well as a ridiculous array of beautiful food and fun activities for children and adults.

I didn't know what to expect from this festival. I knew it was going to be much bigger than the previous gigs I'd joined The Turner Brothers on and that they were playing on the BBC Introducing stage. I was still pretty surprised when we arrived at the site and finally got through the rather stringent security. I wish I'd taken a shot of the place later in the day because by late afternoon every spare patch of ground was filled with people dancing and having a great time!

You can tell from these photos that we were not as lucky with the weather as we were at Rumbellion!

One of my favourite things about these festivals is all the amazing food options. ROTW had pretty much ever food you could ever want, and I did my best to shovel as much into my mouth as possible.

The band were fantastic, I absolutely love seeing them live anyway, but they really rocked it. At the start there was a lot of rain and the field was looking a little bare but they the end there was a huge crowd going right up the hill and everyone was having a great time!

Can you spot me having a dance?

Here are a few of my very favourite shots from the boys performance, you can see a lot more on the Facebook page for the band as well as updates, gig dates and videos of their performances at this and other festivals.

And then we celebrated! If I had one criticism about ROTW, it would be that considering there was a £15 entrance fee, everything was very, very expensive. It was almost impossible to get food for under a fiver, even doughnuts were £4.50 for six. It makes it pretty expensive for families with more than one child to attend these kind of events which is a real shame because there was an incredible selection of food, music and stalls to enjoy. We hung about backstage for a bit...

This is actually the next VIP area to us. We pounced immediately on our snacks and water and left a trail of carnage behind. This seemed better for a photo!
And then we found a bar where they sold buckets of Pina Colada...well that was pretty much it for me after that :)

Next gig is a smaller one down in Suffolk, details here. Oh yeah...and that's Goatboy. He has his own Facebook page here. He likes festivals and rock climbing and going feral.

The day ended with a beautiful curry at Turner Towers washed down with some ice cold beer (Thank you Mrs. Turner!!) and I fell into bed extremely tired and happy, coated in glitter and Pina Colada...

I'm so super lucky to able to go along to these things, we really have a brilliant time at every single one 

Thank you also to my lovely boyfriend Jay for being the most amazing impromptu photographer for the band!!

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