Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Curious Yellow Weekender - Video & Line Up 2016!

The Curious Yellow Weekender is Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July, 2016. You can read my full write-up and see photos of last years brilliant event here. This year, it's going to be even better, because along with Sweetcornbread, who I went with last year, Black Cat Magic and another local favourite that I can't wait to see perform live, Brocker - check them out on their Facebook page hereThe Turner Brothers are joining the line-up too! I'm so excited to see the boys perform this festival - it's one of my most anticipated gigs of the summer.

The organisers just released a little promotional video and they quoted me at the beginning!

Here is the full video, which gave me the biggest yearning for summer I've ever had...

The Curious Yellow 2015 "Caught On Camera" from Daniel James on Vimeo.

This year, I'm hoping to take my little boy for his first festival experience. Last year the kids had free run of the secret garden location, they played in a freshwater spring, got muddy in a shallow, swampy river and danced along with the grown-ups until bedtime. I'd love to share something like this with my video-game orientated eight year old - any advice on taking kids to festivals would be gratefully received!

I've got some great stuff planned this summer for my little blog, festivals both with the band and independently and I've joined forces with some great event organisers and festival based businesses which I can't wait to start sharing with you too - I'm determined to make 2016 the best summer ever :) If you want more information about The Curious Yellow - head to their website, where you can buy tickets and check out the full line-up.

I'd love to hear about other events like this, or team up with business and suppliers in the festival and music event industry. You can email me here.

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