Thursday, 26 May 2016

DIY Cosmic Festival Flower Crown + Last Minute Hogsozzle Tickets

Costumes are chosen, tents are being checked and supplies purchased- it's two days until festival season 2016 begins!

I spent the last few evenings knee deep in glue and fake flowers. This isn't a DIY really, more of a how-I-did-it, without a completed photo, because I'm saving that for my big outfit reveal on the blog after the weekend! However I hope the mistakes and ideas that I document in this post may be of use to you if you are thinking of creating a magical headpiece for your own costume...

Fake flowers - mine were from a discount store, super cheap!
Glittery Foam Stars
Silver Spray Paint (not shown)
Wire Cutters (not shown)

If I was doing this project again, I would also make sure I had:

Florists foam
Silver fabric tape
A less funny shaped head.

I started off by cutting the stems off the flowers that I wanted to use, saving a 10cm piece of wire on the end to wrap around the band.

I also cut all the flowers off at the joint on the orchid blossom - the bendy stalk is perfect to create the frame of my headpiece.

I also pulled the leaves off, most of which were just attached by a small plastic ring. I saved the leaves and unused flowers for another project I haven't thought of yet. I realised immediately that I should have purchased some florist foam to stick the flowers in whilst I spray painted them - what a rookie error! Luckily I had a shallow cardboard box lying about which I spiked the flowers into, spaced well apart but I'd definitely recommend the florist foam if you are attempting a similar project.

How cosmic do they look?! I was kind of over-excited at this point because I wasn't sure what the spray paint would look like, or even if it would work.  It had a metallic lid, but the sticker said "This lid is not representative of the finished effect" so I was worried it would be very matt. Actually, it's pretty shiny, especially on the plastic stems and stamen, and the cheapo fabric flowers took the paint like pros. I did three light coats and used one of the discarded long stems to lift the top layers of petals up, so none of their original colour would show through. I also sprayed the ends of the stems on the other side of the box and the long, bendy stem from the orchids.

I taped the bendy stalk round to the perfect head shape for me (I have a weird shaped head. I discovered this today.) and then started twisting the lilies into place, starting at one side.

I added three of the glittery foam stars, they are perfect because the foam sort of molds to the shape you want it to meaning it tucks neatly around my head and hides the joins and the dodgy bits (see below)

Once I'd taped the wrapped areas with thick fabric tape for extra stickiness and to avoid the ends poking into my brain, I wished I'd used silver tape instead of the sticky, plastic, yellow horror that I selected. I had the bright idea to spray paint the inside but the paint did not want to stick to the yellow plasticky areas so I ended up having to rush out and get silver tape for a better finish.

Here she is :) It's not quite done, a few finishing touches to add. I'll have it be-dazzled and ready to shine along with my costume from Tickled Pink Fancy Dress and my spray painted wellies tomorrow night!

If you haven't got a ticket yet, there's just 16 left at the moment of writing. Check this link to see if you've missed the boat for festival funtimes - if your tickets are in hand, see you at the Sozzle!



I'm taking over The Turner Brothers Instagram feed as soon as I wake up tomorrow until we pack away the last tentpeg on Monday and wind our hungover way home. I'd love you to join me there! Follow along on their Instagram by clicking here.

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