Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Five Reasons To Grab A Last Minute Curious Yellow Ticket For This Weekend

(This post was written in 2016 but every single one of these reasons is still valid! You can also click here to see posts about the years since)

Weekend Approaching! In just two tiny sleeps is the festival that I've been counting down to for the last 360 days. That's a pretty long time to prepare for two nights away! Last year, I didn't know I was going to get all Curious until the day before - could you throw your stuff in a bag and go to a festival at that short notice? I bet you could :)

I overheard a whisper from the guys over at the festival site setting up that there's a last little run of tickets available, either to purchase today, tomorrow or Friday morning, or to buy on the door. Their website is right here, linked in this text. If you fancy an adventure this weekend, chuck your tent in the car, grab a few bottles of water and come join us for an amazing weekend you won't forget. I'd love to see some of my blog readers there - I'll be the one coated in glitter with the giant smile :)

Here's 5 reasons why you should grab a last minute ticket...

1. The Setting

I kind of covered this beauty of the Gibberd Gardens in my review of the festival last here. You can read that by clicking anywhere in this sentence if you fancy, but here's a little peek.

2. This wonderful, sky-high swing

3. It's for everyone

This festival is for everyone - the kids had an amazing time last year, playing in the freshwater spring, running wild in the undergrowth and dancing to an incredible variety of music. The gardens are safe and enclosed, so the kids went totally free range and they loved it. I have some beautiful photos of little ones drumming, slightly older ones dressing up and generally having fun and children and adults of all ages enjoying the atmosphere, I'm reluctant to post pics of other peoples kids without permission, so you'll have to take my word for it, but what I do have, is these photos of my besties and I soaking up the sun last year...

4. Music

Last year I went with Sweetcornbread, who smashed their set late at night and got the whole tent clapping and cheering. This year, three bands that I have connections with are playing (and they are all completely awesome), as well as loads that I've been looking up online and having a listen to. I think the Happy Daggers and the boys from the Consciousness Collective are pretty unmissable. The Turner Brothers were all that was missing from last year for me, and I'm thrilled they are going to be on stage, strutting their stuff and hopefully playing some new music. There's going to be an incredible atmosphere when the boys are up there. I've roped as many of our crew into bringing their T-Bro t shirts as possible and I can't wait to get sweaty in the crowd, as well as get some photos of the lads on the main stage. Rumour has it, the big black and white tent that you see in these photos is no more, and it's being replaced this weekend with a series of connected geodesic domes. Here are some snaps I took of the mini-dome we danced all night and some of the morning in, last July- can't wait for a repeat in a bigger space!

Here's the full line up if you fancy a look before committing, but I think you should just go for it :)

5. Escape From Reality

This is the BIG one for me. I love my little flat and my life with my son, but there is something freeing about spreading your wings and getting stuck into a completely different way of being. I love being outdoors in the sunshine, rolling in rum-soaked fields and seeing and hearing things I don't usually get the chance to (Gong tuned to the frequency of Jupiter, anyone?)

There are lots of surprises in store for revellers. Last year we were treated to late night fire art shows, whiskey tasting, crazy bike riding, exploring the grounds, giant games and space hoppers...This year is bigger & better and I am so pumped to see what the guys have in store!

So, if you want to come, grab a ticket from the Curious Yellow website - click anywhere around here and the magic of the internet will whisk you to the ticket-buying part of their site. Then grab some festival-appropriate garbs and a pot of glitter and come make some amazing memories - see you there :)

Next time I'm here, I'll have a whole bunch of new photos and experiences to waffle about for another year - I'm off to pretend to sleep so it comes faster...

Katy x

Many thanks to Tasha and Zoe for letting me use their photos in this post :)

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