Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I've seen so many sweet DIY's that feature lace or a lace motif recently, here are some of my favourites.

So sweet and easy to make, would be perfect for a wedding centrepiece. I just don't get that lucky finding decent doilies.

I bet these cast beautiful patternon the wall, and would probably be safer for a longer-burning candle.

Change is afoot on one of my very favourite blog-reads, Elsie + Emma from A Beautiful Mess posted this DIY just after a total website overhaul. 

There are more indepth tutorials out there, but this is my favourite version of the lacey denim shorts trend that is knocking about all over pintrest at the moment. Adorable, and looks like it should be quite simple to achieve a similiar effect.

Here is a very much better and more detailed tutorial for these shorts :-)

I'm buying a new camera tomorrow, so expect to see some more pictures that I have taken on my blog in the coming months.


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