Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A very Royal weekend!

After a bit of a false start, where we went to try and see the flotilla on Saturday but found all the trains into London were totally ram-packed and established it was too dangerous for our small guy, we finally made it to London on Sunday for the Jubilee concert.

The whole of London was strewn in red, white and blue.I don't think we've ever had such a strong bunting industry. I totally stole that joke from Rob Brydon, one of the concert presenters :-)

We sat for 7 hours on the road in front of the palace. There were 70,000 people filling the Mall, all dressed in red, white and blue, waving flags and celebrating the Queen's 60 year reign. Below is a pic from The Daily Mail website, the Mall is the long stretch of road off to the left, the people in the seats at the front won a ballot to sit in those prime spots. Lucky chuckers.

I had my very own flag to wave...

The sky was blue for about...10% of the day. At one point it rained and we donned binliners to keep us dry, but the weather wasn't enough to move us from our prime (ish) position, three flags up from the jubilee torch.

This was our view, just as the big screen flickered into life and started broadcasting some of the interviews with the concert participants. I saw Rolf Harris, Ed Sheran, Jessie J and Kylie, Elton John and Gary Barlow. All tiny specks in the very, very far distance.

My little boy had the best time waving his flag and shouting. I hope he remembers he was there when this is talked about in the future, what a great day to be British!

I've never been to anything like this before, it was overwhelming how many people camped out for so long, and how flag-wavingly enthusiastic (and tipsy) everyone was. We danced the night away to classic British songs and ate ridiculously overpriced burgers.


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