Saturday, 21 July 2012

All The Fun Of The Fair

We had a trip to Carters Steam Fair today. I love the Steam Fair because of all the old fashioned stalls. They have a real coconut shy, where you can win an actual coconut! This impresses me greatly as I am used to leaving fairs with smelly, moth-eaten teddies and a blow-up hammer.

The fair gives plenty of opportunity for taking photos of beautiful details...and beautiful little boys on chair-o-planes.

 'Joby' is the name of the guy who originally taught John Carter how to do such beautiful and distinctive typography. I love the signwriting at the fair, and today I picked up a leaflet, a five day intensive course run by John Carter. I'm going to look into it. Yes, I know there are hardly any jobs in the fair-themed sign writing biz, but it sounds like such an interesting thing to do! Plus it will sort of allay my life-long dream of running off with the circus.

I love the fair :-)


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