Saturday, 15 September 2012

Things I love...Saturday

Today I am trying to be thankful for things that are lovely in my life...

1. // Chubby fingers holding yummy milkshakes, a special treat for a first week of school completed with trooper spirit.
2. // Rediscovering blogs that I have neglected for a while and catching up on millions of posts. This morning I've been reading Bleubird. James is the type of mama that I aspire to be, and her beautiful children, home and wedding have made me smile today. Her confidence in her own decision making and the choices she is making for her children are inspiring.
3. // Finding these pretty tiles under my feet at a breakfast meeting this week, and then suddenly remembering as I was writing this post that I took this photo. *pats self on the back*
4. // Netflix. Why did noone tell me about Netflix? Someone should have told me that it existed. Seriously. I have spent most of the week huddled up on the campbed in the living room watching season six of Lost. Because even though someone who could possibly be reading this *right now* told me the ending and I'm super mad about it, I still want to know more answers. And also, I kind of fancy Sawyer.
5. // Snatching the last loaf at the local shop so I can make eggy bread this morning and actually being patient enough to wait for the egg to soak into the bread. 
 6. // I know it's not exactly *in* my life...but this dress by Modcloth would be very lovely for work.  I want.

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