Friday, 14 September 2012

The Big First Day

My little bobble started school on Monday...and his excitement filled my heart with happiness.

I saw this this week, and even though it was in a different playground to my small man's school, I loved it and snapped a photo anyway :-)
We started off with a frantic half hour of grabbing school uniform from around the house where it had been waiting for what feels like MONTHS.
Once the uniform was on there was a bit of a strange moment where I think that he realised something was going to very different from now on.
And then...we were off. I'm not sure how I feel about the red uniform. I can see one of those little red t-shirts finding it's way into a white wash within a few short weeks.
This little guy held my hand tight the whole way and was super quiet.
When we arrived...there was again a moment of bittersweet sadness from Mummy and boy...which we quickly got over. Because school is exciting right?
Finally, a big old excited smile that I had been hoping to see all morning. I'm so glad that I got this on film...(what is the digital equivalent to this statement? I'm so glad I got it on small silicone based fragment?)
And off he goes, with a slightly fake smile and clear terror in his eyes. Gosh I do adore this little guy...I wish him all the best fun. What a kid <3
*I respectfully ask that even if you know me or are related to me in any way that you do not link or repost any of  these pictures.

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