Monday, 1 October 2012

September Round Up

Bonfires & Sweet Boys Ombre French Manicure Sharpie Mug Tutorial Create An Image Map Rainy Clouds Tutorial Increase Your Blog Traffic Mermaid Manicure Sweet Shop Love The Big First Day Image Map
 Hi there :-) Welcome to my September round up, my pick of this months best posts on Katy Clouds :-)

I hope you'll stay tuned throughout October, as upcoming DIY's are really exciting, and I have a huge project that I've been keeping a secret that I am going to start sharing peeks of, and eventually revealing.

1 // I had some sweet photos from my little boy's first bonfire to share

2 // A Sharpie Mug Tutorial (that I've been using and washing all week, and the hearts are perfect!)

3 // A full Ombre French Manicure tutorial went up this month :-)

4 // I shared my way of making an image map for your blog

5 // A namesake manicure for Katy Clouds :-)

6 //  5 simple ways to increase your blog traffic has proved super popular

7 // I posted a totally silly but fun mermaid manicure

8 // A visit to a sweet shop gave me the perfect opportunity to overuse instagram <3

9 // My little guy had his first day at school - a big day for us both

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