Sunday, 30 December 2012

50 Goals For 2013

I never like to make resolutions or set goals because I dislike the disappointment that goes along with not succeeding. This year things are going to be different, and I have been thinking about goals that I can set myself, some small, some large. Some easy to quantify, so that will be harder to judge my success at.

25 personal goals, and 25 business / Social Media related goals :-) This is the year that things are going to be awesome for me, I can just tell.


I've popped over to this post to embolden goals which I have already achieved!


As I'm writing a new post on my aspirations for 2017, I revisited this page to italicise the goals that I have achieved over the last five years. To be fair, since I don't work at Radio Dacorum any more, the radio related ones are a bit irrelevant. I'm glad I achieved more of my personal goals though :)

Business Goals

1. Increase my blog readership to 1000 followers.
2. Hit 1000 page views per day
3. Complete Social Media Freelance work PDF and distribute
4. Gain 1000 connections on LinkedIn
5. Apply for Worthy FM radio presenting role
6. Apply for 3 'real' jobs or internships at radio stations
7. Increase listeners to my current radio show
8. Take part in a local event with Radio Dacorum
9. Get a guest on my show
10. Increase twitter followers
11. Take a part time course in technical search engine optimization
12. Attend a conference or talk on the future of SEO/Social Media
13. Publish at least one new SEO/Blogging article per month
14. Get featured on a high profile website
15. Become featured on HelloCotton
16. Gain 100 followers on Pinterest
17. Gain 100 followers on Instagram
18. Offer free social media help to a local charity
19. Produce an e-book
20. Take an e-course
21. Make contact with previous work acquaintances
22. Make a plan to monetise blog by the second half of the year
23. Do at least one Vlog
24. Gain full understanding of Google Analytics and dashboard creation
25. Submit articles for large Social Media site.

Personal Goals

1. Sort out my debts
2. Pay my phone bill and get it reconnected
3. Get my smear test (yuck)
4.Become better organised
5. Clean the cupboard under the sink out
6. Frame blueprint prints
7. Eat a proper breakfast (almost) every day
8. Grow my nails
9. Pass my driving test
10. Get on the transfer list for a house
11. Not forget to take Roo's PE kit in, ever.
12. Stop wasting food
13. Recycle.
14. Purge Facebook of people I dislike
15. Repaint my bedroom wall
16. Get rid of some negative influences in my life
17. Work out how to straighten my own hair
18. Replace the broken door on my bedroom
19. Take up a fitness activity
20. Go to a festival
21. Get a new tattoo
22. Go to the seaside with my little boy
23. Replace the curtain tracking that has tab top curtains hanging from it
24. Throw a dinner party
25. Try a food that I wouldn't have eaten in 2012.

I plan to revisit this list as the year progresses, and I'll embolden the ones that I have completed. What are your goals for 2013? Please feel free to leave your link in the comments, I'd love to read them!

Katy x

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