Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year & A New Brand Awareness E-Course

Hi there, and welcome to 2013! I'm so happy it's finally here. A new start and a new beginning, just what the doctor ordered.

I'm going to be ramping up my writing over the next few months, submitting articles to websites and posting DIY's and tutorials over here on the blog. I'm also currently right now wording on a Beginners Guide To Brand Awareness. The guide will be packed full of tips on getting your name on the lips (or at the fingertips anyway) of people across the web. More info later in the week!

I've been offering consultative brand awareness advice on a freelance basis for over a year and have plenty of success stories to share with you. I hope you'll stay tuned to what this blog has to offer you as we hurtle off into the year :-)

I'm also back on the radio tomorrow. It's available worldwide, broadcasting from 10am - 12pm GMT. You can listen by going here: www.radiodacorum.org.uk. It's also availble for you to listen to if you have the Tune In app on your phone. It comes preinstalled in many smartphones, so have peek through your apps to see if it's there. It's also free to download from the app store or Android marketplace. Just type in Radio Dacorum and you'll here my voice into your earholes during my slot :-)

Katy x

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