Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Tree Decorating

Putting up the Christmas tree is one of those things that seems fun on the box, but when you open the box, you realise that you can't find anything you can remember from last year, your favourite bauble is broken and the base to the Christmas tree has disappeared.

Or, maybe that is just me.

I've known the base was missing for a little while. I actually bought the tree two years ago on Christmas Eve when a shop was selling all of their decorations off. And it was white! You have no idea how much I have wanted a white tree, like, all my life. Although at home we used to have a real tree, which I liked, but since I discovered white trees I have had a longing for one. I didn't put it up last year because it was in the back of the car under lots of stuff.

But this year, I knew it was right. Even with the missing base. I've solved that issue with a broken coat hanger, some ribbon and a blob of plasticine.

Me and my small sweet boy decorated it this afternoon...

Most of the decorations came with the display tree. We actually had to walk out of the shop with the entire tree, decorations and lights still on it in our arms.

But we have some decorations that have been around since before the sweet boy, and those are my very favourite.

He kind of just wanted to put all of the shiny baubles on one place on the tree. And I definitely did not quickly rearrange things when he went to bed. Oh no, wait. I did. Is that bad? Please tell me I'm not the first person to ever do that, I feel a little guilty?

I think these are my favourite. Glittery and big and everything that I like about Christmas :-)

Small boy really liked the Christmas tree and he was thrilled that we had a special white one.

I actually didn't get a photo of the whole shebang, which was a little silly. I did post one on Instagram if you are so inclined to follow me on there, @katyclouds.

So now I'm a little more festive. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. I'm back to radio presenting tomorrow from 10 - 12. You can tune in by searching for Radio Dacorum on the Tune In app on smartphones, or at

Katie x

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