Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Wreath DIY

After sharing my tree decorating yesterday, I wanted to show the other little decorations that I have around the house, and a DIY for a sweet Christmas wreath that I have on my door.

Scroll down for a DIY that I wrote last Christmas. It's a bit of a cheat's one, because the jingle bells came all ready for me in a nice hoop, but it's easy to make your own :-)

These adorable festive reindeer light up and make my window look super pretty :-)

I could definitely have made a garland like this but I picked it up from the supermarket and it looks so fun strung over all of my favourite photos. I like this so much that I think a cute pompom garland for spring might be needed to fill the gap this will leave when I take it down!
If you are anything like me, you'll *hate* spending fortunes on expensive decorations, which inevitably get put in the loft two weeks later and retrieved, broken and dusty next year.

I saw this bell wreath in Poundland (presumably, similar to the dollar store for American readers :)) and it came with a tacky silver cardboard adornment in the shape of a holly leaf. I snipped it off and added a fun bow in a Christmassy fabric and hung it on my door. Of course, the same kind of technique could be applied to any cheap 'n' tacky wreath that you can find - snip off all the excess decorations, add a big fabric bow, and hang!

Materials Needed:

Cheap tacky wreath with bells in fact, this wreath would be quite easy to make. It's done with a round piece of wire, and some small pieces of vinyl tubing separating bells attached with thin wire. A tinsel, yarn-wrapped or even cheap fake holly wreath would also work.
Fabric choose a Christmassy, contrasting fabric.
Iron (optional)

I followed Elsie's Fabric Bow Tutorial to make my bow. I'm not going to rip off her tute, so you can follow the instructions here. There are loads of fabric bow tutorials online on various crafty blogs.

I've found the bows look best if you bunch the middle bit a little and pull hard on the corners to spread it out. I ironed my bow to flatten it out so that it would hold it's shape.

Thread your needle again and poke it upwards through the middle part of the bow, on the back. Poke it out again. You can use this to tie your bow to a point in the wreath.

Tie a loop and thread it round the wreath near to the bow. Loop it through itself to create a hanging point.

Katie x

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