Monday, 14 January 2013

3 Favourite Easy Valentines DIY's

Good Morning!

I hope you are having a lovely start to the week. Thank you for your kind and sweet comments on my post on Friday about deal with negative comments when you put yourself out there. It's lovely when people are supportive :-)

I did this, above, at the weekend. I've used the only image I have of it as my thumbnail for this post. Maybe a confusing move. I'll get some proper pictures of it brightening up my bedroom to share! I have to admit I was a little lazy in taking my tree down, it didn't go down until the 11th. And then I felt sad because I was going to miss the fairy lights. So I drew a big heart on the wall above my bed and banged some nails into the outline about 10cm's apart, then I strung the lights around and inbetween the nails. It gives my bedroom a really beautiful glow :-)

(Please do take usual precautions with fairy lights if you try something similar. I always unplug the lights at bedtime)

This week I am mostly working on a post about how to analyse the success of (and what is) your Bounce Rate. It's going to be a very basic starter guide for people who don't know what it is or how to improve it. I hope you'll stayed tuned for that on Wednesday.

But today I would like to feature three of my very favourite Valentines DIY's. It's definitely about time to start getting hearty-crafty! I'd love to know what your favourite Valentine DIY's are. I don't think I have a Valentine this year, but I think that might be for the best 

All of these were found on Hello Cotton (follow me on there - I'll follow you back for sure!)

Is this not the funnest, most easiest amazing idea you have ever ever seen? There are so many possibilities for this, I am going out to find a wire wastepaper bin this very afternoon! Thank you to Maize Hutton for this adorable idea.

I absolutely love this DIY - so simple and cute, make your loved one a very special hot chocolate on the big day with this fun idea from Illi Style

Don't you think these would be a really fun gift for a friend this Valentines day? This cute DIY from Of Corgi's and Cocktails is one that caught my eye. I might even make these as a little treat for myself - especially as it's snowing here today. Brrr! Katherine also has some sweet outfit posts on her blog 

Let me know what your favourite Valentine's DIY is, or even if you are one of those types that likes to avoid the whole thing.

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