Monday, 18 February 2013

When You've No Time To Write New Content

Increasing your web presence is about staying visable. There's no point posting an amazing article and then sitting back and having a rest. Your competitors are posting fabulous content daily, and you need to be too. Here are five ways that you could get people engaging with you across your Social Media platforms even if you don't have time for a whole new blog post.

Most of my posts take between an hour and two to complete including creating an image and getting it written up and checked. Often if I have research to do as well, it can take a lot longer. I don't have that time spare every single day and I doubt you do either. Try one of these tips to increase your visitorship between posts.

1. Have a blog contest.

Giveaway one of your products. I know, it sounds crazy right? But companies are doing this ALL the time. If you don't have a product, give away a service. For example, I might give away an hour's free Social Media consultation. Or perhaps a half hour slot on my radio show. Contests giving away what you are plugging are excellent because they are going to be aimed directly at your target market. Ask people to tweet about your contest (provide a shortened link), like you on Facebook or mention you on their blog for additional entries. Watch the pageviews increase!

2. Try a little cheeky cross-promotion

When did you last suggest to your twitter followers that they follow you on Linkedin? Never? Why not! It's a whole group of people that are already interested in you. How about asking on Google+ if anyone would like to check out your Pinterest account? I do this different every week. There are plenty of combinations, so don't be shy about promoting yourself to a different group of people - self-promotion is what increasing your Internet presence is all about. No one else is going to do it for you.

3. Offer a button.

Try using Picmonkey or a similar graphics program to make a button people can use to link to your blog, Pinterest or LinkedIn page. Have a browse here for standard sizes and offer a selection. If you struggle with the coding, you just need to use a text box (the code is here - you want the 'readonly' option) and put the code from here with your image location inside it. If you struggle for creative ideas, try simply using your own banner or logo with your name.

4. Repost, Revisit

What article that you have written are you most proud of? Perhaps your review of a product last year was really well received, or a blog you wrote detailing how to reupholster a chair went down a treat. Go back and grab the link, and report on your newest-joined Social Media site. For me, this involves looking through my archives and sharing older entries on Google+. In particular, entries that I wrote before I joined Google+. It's entirely new content to my 200+ followers on there - what a great way to encourage new readers of my blog!

5. Round Up

As long as it isn't overused, a round-up of your content is a great way to remind readers of all the amazing things that you are posting. I do a monthly round up of my favourite posts, but I've also done a round up of all my Social Media School posts, and all my nail tutorials. Come up with a theme that suits your content and run with it, include an image from each one. Promote your round up just the same as you would a regular post.

Just a note, because I don't think I say this often enough. It's imperative that you keep a close eye on your Analytics before and after trying new things. For example, I check my basic stats (page views for the week and bounce rate) before every post. Then I go back and check again at roughly the same time the following day. I make a note of the changes. This way I have a record of what changes and articles have the best impact on my stats. But don't forget to Keep It Real! Just because articles about your dog bring in the most pageviews, doesn't mean for a second that you shouldn't carry on posting over excellent content.

In the very near future I will be sharing some more basic tutorials for understanding and improving your Analytics stats. In the meantime, have you read my Bounce Rate 101?

I hope you like these quick little tricks for when you don't have the time to write a whole blog post or new article for your website. Thank you for reading! Don't be afraid to leave a comment, I love reading them and always try and visit your links in return.

Katy x

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